Servo Pump the Heart of a New Hydraulic Power Unit

November 11, 2016

MJC Engineering, Huntington Beach, CA, has introduced a new hydraulic power system called Green Hydraulic Power. Promising to deliver higher machine yield and reduced noise emissions (by 20 dBA), and generate less heat and produce shorter cycle times on various machine types, the new power unit is available for OEM integration by other machine builders.

Green Hydraulic Power, offered as standard on the hydraulic power units provided on MJC machine builds, utilizes the Siemens Sinamics variable-speed servo pump drive. The servo pump precisely controls pressure and flow, and in some cases the use of control valves is partially or completely eliminated.

MJC developed a subsidiary unit, Green Hydraulic Power, Inc., and separate sales force for the unit’s development in the market. Almost all machine tools using hydraulic power are candidates for the variable-speed servo-pump drive technology, including material-handling equipment, stamping presses and other metalforming machines.

Onboard diagnostic capabilities in the drive supply information for a predictive-maintenance protocol in an Industry 4.0 scenario. The basics of pressure, temperature and acceleration data measurement are standard, with additional data outputs available for oil level, filter condition and running efficiency.

MJC Engineering:


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