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Stamper Implements Die Maintenance as Part of ERP System

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Die-Matic Corp., Brooklyn Heights, OH, a provider of metal stampings and value-added assemblies, has recently extended its implementation of Steel Viking Software’s enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) software to automate its die-maintenance process. Die-Matic's toolroom personnel now use barcode-enabled tablets at the stamping press to capture data at the conclusion of each run, which immediately schedules die-repair or -maintenance activities. Die-Matic also uses a Steel Viking ERP module, Preventive Maintenance, to schedule die maintenance based on production-quantity or time-based thresholds. Both post-production and preventive-maintenance die-repair activities flow to a central schedule. Priorities then are ranked by the company's scheduling department.

“Automating die maintenance has yielded significant benefits to the company,” says Jerry Zeitler, Die-Matic president. “Data captured at the press allow our toolroom, production and scheduling departments to be on the same page regarding our tooling needs and priorities. More importantly, the Preventive Maintenance component ensures that we are being proactive by taking preventive and predictive measures in accordance with TS and our ever-growing customers’ expectations.”

As a future step, Die-Matic seeks to integrate voice-recognition technology into the ERP system’s toolroom clocking module so that diemaker comments during die repair are easily captured and key-word searchable.

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