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Software Cuts Die-Machining Time for South African Tool Builder

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

At its tool shop in Uitenhage, South Africa, MA Automotive Tool and Die has chosen Smirt DieNc and DieShop software modules from Smirtware, Inc., via Vero Software, for manufacturing of its stamping dies. The selection follows an evaluation test where the use of DieNc resulted in a 46-percent time savings in linear machining as compared to the operation’s standard process.

MA Automotive Tool and Die is part of MA, a company of Group CLN, an Italian concern active in the automotive industry. The group’s companies produce steel sheetmetal, stamped parts, automotive structural modules, wheels and mechanical components.

Smirt, available through Vero Software, is designed to support the manufacturing process of stamping dies and molds. Included are 3D-based modules for visualization, machining, cost estimation, planning and scheduling.

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