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Needle Chisel Scalers Won't Shake You Up

Monday, May 12, 2014

CS Unitec, Inc., Norwalk, CT, introduces its line of Trelawney Vibro-Lo needle chisel scalers, which reportedly operate at seven-times less vibration than standard models. Featuring vibration-dampening components to offset hammer vibration (air pressure is used to absorb the recoil and impact from the anvil and needles), the scalers also feature tool-free needle changeout and an optional dust shroud for collecting dust and debris.

They are lightweight (5.25 to 7.75 lb.), easy-to-handle pneumatic units that provide as many as 3000 blows/min., and prove ideal for removing coatings and corrosion from irregular surfaces that otherwise are difficult to prepare. Other applications include cleaning and stress relieving weld seams and steel joints.

Convert the units—available with inline or pistol grips—for chisel scaling in seconds.

CS Unitec: 203/853-9522;


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