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Industrial Metal Cutting Survey Results Download and see how you compare

Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Industrial Metal Cutting Operations:
Download the results from the Industrial Metal Cutting Benchmark Survey and see how your organization measures up against other high performers
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The LENOX Institute of Technology reached out to hundreds of metal-cutting shops to study how different businesses measure and improve their operations. If you are looking to increase the sophistication of your Industrial Metal Cutting Operation, take a look at these results.
How well does your metal-cutting operation measure performance? Are you making sufficient efforts to minimize cutting machine downtime and increase productivity? How do you handle operator training and safety?
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Download our exclusive survey results, Benchmark Survey of Industrial Metal-Cutting Organizations, and see how your organization compares to your peers.
Here are some of the key practices your peers are following:
Investing in human capital – 64% of organizations that cite their metal-cutting operator turnover is reducing, year-over-year, also report their on-time job completion is trending upward year-over-year
Focusing on smarter, more predictive operations management approaches – 51% of organizations that always follow all scheduled and preventative maintenance plans say that blade failure is predicted
Embracing proactive measures to extend blade life – Out of the organizations that report they have scrap and re-work costs less than five percent, 70% report always breaking in their blades
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The LENOX Institute of Technology Team
A metals industry research and 'best practices' initiative of LENOX
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