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Next-Gen Nesting Software Boasts Optimized Pierce Logic

Monday, November 17, 2014

Magestic TruNext nesting softwareMagestic Systems has released its latest generation of TruNest nesting software, for CNC cutting and punching. The software features a new user interface and enhanced features, including reduced pierce logic, common-line cutting, castle cutting, beveling, and data management.

The TruNest ODBC-compliant database includes a modern architecture that is lighter and more intuitive to navigate; utilizes a powerful grid that improves sorting, grouping and filtering of orders; and streamlines data importing and exporting to minimize downtime due to translation issues.

Among the included is TruImage, which allows fabricators to reclaim scrap material of any size and use it in production with just the click of a button. What once was scrap now can be turned into product. And, fabricators can use the TruLaser View Assembly module to use laser projection to significantly reduce the amount of manual measurement and labor required to assemble a final product.


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