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More on Cryogenic Tool Treatment

Friday, June 1, 2012

In response to Pete Ulintz’s Tooling by Design column in the March 2012 issue of MetalForming, describing the benefits of sub-zero treatment of tool and die components, we received the following input from an online reader:

“Cryogenic treatments require a slow cool down, followed by a hold at cryogenic temperatures and a slow warm up to ambient temperatures. Research is starting to show that there are optimum hold times that should be used for different materials…Treatments of carbide and plastics have shown excellent benefits. Huge wear resistance benefits are seen in pearlitic cast iron such as that used in brake rotors, where there is no martensite or austenite. Research papers on cryogenic processing are available at (a database created by the Cryogenic Society of America with some assistance from the Cryogenic Processing Sub-Committee of ASM International).”

Rick Diekman, Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc., Antioch, IL;

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