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Clean and Green Metal-Spinning Machines

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Global Metal Spinning Solutions, Inc.–Denn USA Metal Forming, Colorado Springs, CO, North American partner of machinery manufacturer Industrias Puigjaner, S.A.–Denn, Spain, has introduced Eco Zenn CNC metal-spinning machines. The machines boast a bevy of green features such as noise insulation and devices to collect smoke, fumes, mist, oil and metal chips. Regenerative braking saves energy and feeds it back to the power supply.

Programmers, operators and maintenance personnel can access most functions of the machines while the machinery doors are closed. For example, a drawer allows for easy removal of metal chips when the spinning machine also is used for auxiliary applications such as machining. The opening distance of the automatic doors is adjustable to minimize cycle times, and robotic loading and unloading is easily interfaced.

Other features include a six-tool change station, pressure-control system, replay system, and auxiliary trimming and beading units.

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