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Automated Machine Integrates Wire EDM with Waterjet Cutting

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
MC Machinery Systems, Wood Dale, IL, introduces the Mitsubishi MD+Cell, which combines the
Automated machine integrates wire EDM with waterjet cutting
company’s MD+ProII wire-EDM machine with its Suprema DX44 waterjet-cutting machine. The result: a high-speed and precision automated system that allows for maximum untended run time for piece-part manufacturers. A Mitsubishi six-axis robot transfers rough-cut pieces from the waterjet machine to the EDM machine for fashioning. The Suprema waterjet includes an all-stainless-steel work tank and 22-in. I-beam construction with 40-mm ballscrews. The MD+ProII stacked-filter design minimizes floor-space requirements, and its simplified auto-threading and wire-drive systems reduce part costs and extend maintenance cycles.

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