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Wrap Pallets Right on the Forklift

Thursday, May 1, 2008
Wrap pallets right on the forklift
GaleWrap, Douglasville, GA, introduces the improved 87-in. standard manual Yellow Jacket 110 orbital stretch-wrap machine for securing any standard, oversized or odd-shaped palletized loads right on the forks of the forklift. Loads are wrapped and secured for shipping as a horizontally positioned stretch-wrap dispenser moves around and under a load as the Yellow Jacket 110 is manually advanced across the length of the load.

The model has a footprint of 96 by 114 in. and is 98 in. tall. It features adjustable tensioning for a range of 0 to 150 percent film post-stretch. Additional features include four adjustable legs for leveling the machine, built-in forklift pockets and a maintenance-free gear box. The standard machine is able to wrap a standard pallet size to 68-in. diagonal and can use any machine-grade film to 20 in. wide. It is simple to operate, personnel can be trained in about 1 hr., according to company officials.

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