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Levelers for Parts to 50 mm Thick

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
German manufacturer Arku Maschinenbau GmbH offers the
Levelers for parts to 50 mm thick
FlatMaster leveler, equipped with gap control to ensure that a gap is kept constant—even with split-second changes in part profiles. Four high-power hydraulic cylinders provide the leveling forces necessary to achieve good results in leveling high-tensile material. The hydraulic parts leveler is available in models for material as thick as 50 mm in widths to 2 m.

Since dirt and material residues can accumulate in the leveling unit during daily production, thorough cleaning of the leveling rollers and backup rollers provides consistent leveling results and prevents damage due to contamination of the leveling unit. For this reason, the FlatMaster is fitted with a quick-change feature of the leveling rollers. The leveling rollers can be changed, and the unit thoroughly cleaned, in minutes. When different materials are processed in rotation, frequent cleaning of the leveling unit provides consistent quality. This minimizes scratches and blemishes on the material surface. With the RollerPickup roll-change system, considerable time savings are achieved, especially when the leveling rollers require frequent changes.

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