Vibration Isolators

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Vibro/Dynamics, Broadview, IL, introduces its MXLP elastomer isolators, the latest addition to its MX-series vibration isolators for large metalforming presses. The MXLP series offers all of the same features and functions of the original
Vibration Isolators
MXL line, with added installation-location flexibility through the use of an internal swivel and leveling mechanism.

Options include built-in leveling devices, swivel/pivot mechanisms, off-center attachment bolts and openings for hydraulic jacks. Vibration control is accomplished through a modular system of elastomer cushions, which can be provided in various combinations of stiffness and layers. This allows each mounting system to be customized based on press specifications, type of job, environment and customer preference.


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