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63. Simonds International64. SIMPAC America Co., Ltd.65. Simulia66. Sintavia LLC67. Sintesi Spa68. Skyline Manufacturing Corp.69. Slice of Stainless, Inc.70. SLM Solutions NA, Inc.71. Smartware Group72. Snap-On Industrial73. Sodick Inc74. Solar Atmospheres75. Solutions Plus Inc.76. SOPH, Inc.77. Southern Industrial Equipment78. Southern Machinery Repair, Inc.79. Southwestern Industries80. Southworth Products Corp.81. Special Machinery Inc.82. Special Springs LLC83. Specialty Strip & Oscillating, Inc.84. Spectrum E-Coat85. Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC86. Spirol International Corp.87. Spraying Systems Co.88. Sputtek, Inc.89. Ssab Hardox Corp.90. Stainless Sales Corporation91. Stamco Industries, Inc.92. Pty. Ltd.93. Stamtec, Inc.94. Standard Lifters LLC95. Stanley Black & Decker96. Stanley Engineered Fastening97. Starrett Company98. Staubli Corporation99. Steel King Industries, Inc.100. Steel Technologies Inc. - Mishawaka101. Steinel Normalien AG102. STM Sensors Inc.103. Storch Magnetics104. Stratasys, Inc.105. Strategic Technology Solutions106. Striker Systems107. Strong Hand Tools108. Strothmann Machines & Handling GmbH109. Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa Spring & Wire110. Sugino Corp.111. Suhner Corporation112. Summit Tool Design113. Superior Die Set Corp.114. Superior Roll Forming115. Superior Tube Company116. Supermax Tools117. Supply Dynamics LLC118. Sureshield Coatings Co.119. Surface Armor120. Surfware, Inc.121. Sutherland Presses Inc.122. Sweed Machinery Inc.123. SYSPRO ERP Software