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Generic designation for a variety of organic finishes which indicates that they are compounded with water as a dilutant rather than a volatile organic solvent.


Substance which dissolves in water.

Watts per square inch

Measure of speed based on power level of laser cutting machine.


1 Material between two openings or edges. 2 See Micro Ties. 3 In some industries, thin material to be punched.

Weld Accessibility

Ease of reaching the weld area with the torch or electrode.

Weld Nut

Internally threaded hardware designed to be spot or projection welded onto sheet metal parts.

Weld Stud

Externally threaded hardware in various lengths in headed and headless version, welded in place.

Weld Distortion

Depression or bulge on surface, caused by thermal expansion.


Ability of a material to be fused successfully without special processing.

Weld-To-Edge Distance

Minimum distance from a spot weld to the material edge to create an acceptable spot weld.