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Wooden platform, generally 42 in. wide, 48 in. deep, and 6 in. high designed to facilitate lift truck handling of parts or packages.

Pancake Die

Simple push-through die for blanking or piercing.


Defining a feature's size by establishing a geometric relationship between it and other features, instead of defining it with a dimension.

Pattern Direction

Orientation of features or surface patterns on sheets and coils.

Pem Fastener

Self-clinching inserted fastener nut, stud, standoff, pin, blind stand off, etc. made by Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.

Pencil Hardness Test

Method to measure coating hardness based on the scratching of the film with pencil leads of known hardness. The result is reported as the hardest lead which will not scratch or cut through the film to the substrate.


1 Depth of a cutting operation before breakout occurs. 2 In welding, the depth of material through which fusion occurs.


The extreme outer edge of part or drawing.


Dimensional relationship of a part or datum located at right angles 90° to a given feature.


Pretreatment of metal surfaces by chemical solutions containing metal phosphates and phosphoric acid, to form a thin, inert, adherent, corrosion-inhibiting chemical conversion coating that serves as a substrate for paint coats.