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Acronym for Computer Aided Manufacturing.


Acronym for Computer Aided Design. See CAD chapter.

Cadmium Plating

Electrolytic process for metal coating in which commercially pure cadmium is the anode.


A device used to control the motion of slide forming machine slides and attachments, and die components.

Cam Chart

A chart created by the tool designer assuring that the sequence of operations of a complicated part fall within the 360 degree slide forming machine cycle.

Cam Trim

Removing excess material after the part has been drawn or formed. This is done with a cam activated operation, usually as a secondary operation.


Gradual deviation from straightness of the edge of sheet or coil stock caused during the slitting operation.

Capillary Action

Liquid trapping action caused by the closeness of two surfaces and the surface tension of the liquid.

Carbon Steel

Steel which owes its properties chiefly to various percentages of carbon without substantial amounts of other alloying elements.


A heat treatment for steel which adds carbon and nitrogen from an atmosphere rich in such elements.