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Motion-Simulation Interface for NX Die Wizard

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Longterm Technology Services Inc., London, Ontario, Canada, a Siemens channel partner and independent consulting firm, has developed a user-friendly motion-simulation interface for NX tooling-design software that transforms 3D designs to 4D, simulating motion and interaction of complete die systems. Ideal for transfer and progressive dies, the DYNMIK Design interface allows designers to modify all critical parameters and run simulations in NX with little additional training. An accurate kinematics algorithm verifies collision-check, and provides velocity and acceleration analysis results.

Use the software to:

  • Check designs for potential interference conditions to avoid costly damage caused by collisions;
  • Verify complex mechanisms for handling complicated parts;
  • Present verified designs to customers dynamically with motion animation simulating a complete production cycle;
  • Analyze the velocity and acceleration of tools and transfer systems; and
  • Determine and optimize press speed to meet customer requirements.

The easy-to-use interface requires limited training. Shops using the software include Armo-Tool Ltd., whose president Ben Whitney says: “It’s been a great tool for us, especially on transfer dies. We were excited to see how fast we could go from concept to completion without making any of the mistakes and adjustments so common in a transfer system.”

Another user, Scott McIlquham, a tool designer at MetriCan Mfg. Co. Inc., adds: “The results of the curves and what we’ve been able to see are good in that we can avoid issues with collisions in the tooling and anticipate issues.”

Longterm Technology Services Inc.:


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