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FEA Software Upgrades Promise to Please Your Engineers

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA), Troy, MI, has launched the latest version of its advanced finite element modeling solution, PreSys, part of its Inventium Suite of simulation products. The R3 release promises to deliver an improved experience for engineers who need to build complex finite element models for nonlinear impact, durability, vibration and thermal analysis.

PreSys 2010 R3 offers several new or improved features, including the availability of Part Groups, which allow the user to drag and drop parts into a group that can be used for visualization, as well as property and boundary condition definitions. PreSys R3 also offers improved surface-data handling and editing features, which allow users to create or modify CAD data within the software. And, an Auto Spotweld feature allows the user to quickly create a large number of welds at predetermined locations, which reportedly can cut spot-weld creation time in half.

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