Friction-Welding Systems

October 1, 2015

ColdwaterColdwater Machine Co.
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Coldwater Machine Co., Coldwater, OH, highlights its SpinMeld friction-welding systems that can join steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, magnesium, brass, carbon-fiber composites, ceramics with mixed metal connections, and dissimilar combinations of these materials. SpinMeld technology reportedly can reduce cycle times and defects when compared to traditional welding or joining techniques.

The SpinMeld systems are available as stand-alone vertical or horizontal machines that can be integrated into a workcell or an automated processing line. Each system is designed to fit the individual application with machine parameters such as rotational speeds, cycle times and forging forces based on the material composition, part configuration and contact surface area of each joint.

SpinMeld systems rely on rotational friction-welding principles and a direct-drive approach where a spinning workpiece, driven at a constant speed by an electric motor, is joined to a stationary one by rotational friction and externally applied force.
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