Perforators Association Upgrades Online Knowledge Center

October 1, 2015

The Industrial Perforators Association (IPA), based in Milwaukee, WI, has updated the look and functionality of its online Knowledge Center, accessible through The goal: provide an enhanced user experience to designers, engineers, builders, architects and others seeking perforating solutions, expertise and education.

IPA’s Knowledge Center serves as a central resource of education and information on how to apply, specify, buy, design and build with perforated metal. It integrates user-experience best practices to provide visitors with tips, techniques and product information. 

“The IPA serves as a bridge to share expertise with engineers and designers to demonstrate the applications and advantages of using industrial perforated materials,” says Keith Zinn, IPA president. “Through our Knowledge Center, we are able to provide a wealth of technical resources, studies and benchmarking standards to help members and nonmembers with all of their industrial perforated-materials needs.”

Through the site, visitors have access to downloadable information on perforated metal patterns and guides by vertical industry, articles written by IPA members in industry publications, case histories and links to view the latest IPA e-mail newsletters.

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