NIMS Commits to Bolstering Competency-Based Internships

July 1, 2015

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) has announced a commitment to help equip the nation’s precision-manufacturing workforce with skills needed to advance in their careers. NIMS plans to work with employers, education providers, workforce-development organizations and other stakeholders to expand its Competency-Based Apprenticeship System in which students and workers earn skills, experience and credentials.

Through outreach to stakeholders, NIMS will provide a package of tools, resources and technical assistance to support stakeholder efforts to establish or expand their use of apprenticeships. It will develop and disseminate an apprenticeship blueprint to help companies expedite implementation of customized apprenticeships that meet their talent needs, and has set a goal to issue 1000 industry-recognized credentials to individuals in apprenticeship programs.

The NIMS Competency-Based Apprenticeship helps companies recruit and advance skilled individuals; prepare the next generation of employees by providing a strong foundation of skills; ensures that workers have the right skills, meeting industry-wide and company-specific standards and requirements needed for long-term success; and builds a customized training program that leverages national industry-recognized credentials to make on-the-job training more efficient and advanced.

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