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Copper-Plated Magnetic Welding Squares Resist Spatter

December 27, 2019

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. recently introduced a new line of copper-plated magnetic welding squares that resist corrosion and prevent weld spatter from sticking to their surfaces.

Due to the highly conductive properties of copper, the heat from small particles of weld spatter that hit the face of the welding square are quickly conducted away, thereby preventing bonding of the materials. This keeps the sides and edges of the square clean, true and free from spatter buildup, thus protecting alignment accuracy. As copper also is corrosion-resistant, the plated squares ensure a durable and long-lasting product lifespan, according to company officials.

The squares are available in four models for the secure and accurate holding of sheet stock or tubing in a variety of angles, including 30, 45, 60 or 90 deg. Mounting holes are provided for fixturing the squares into jigs, and a large finger hole enables simple setup and removal of the square from a metal surface. Also offered: a covered magnet face for simple removal of fuzz iron that may have attracted to the magnet.
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