Fastening in the Die

March 1, 2008

Fastening in the die

BAS Components Inc, Youngstown, OH, provides the stamping industry with a range of fasteners that can be fed in-die. Its Flangeform fasteners can be automated into progressive and transfer dies, or robotic cells through the use of BAS Components’ auto-feed systems. By automatically feeding Flangeform into the die, secondary fastener installation and associated labor and handling cost is eliminated. Flangefrom provides an accurate and repeatable high-strength attachment with no heat or weld distortion, making it well-suited for precoated materials.

New to the Flangefrom fastener range: the closed-end nut and ball stud. The closed-end nut offers all of the Flangeform advantages with the added feature of a closed-end thread, ideal for applications where water penetration is of concern. The ball stud offers a one-piece ball-stud attachment that eliminates the need for additional hardware.

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