Quick-Change Cylinder Locks

March 1, 2010

Tooling Technology, Fort Loramie, OH, introduces the PD500 Mega Cylinder,
Quick-Change Cylinder Locks
the largest version yet to its time-saving line of Segen pneumatic quick-change cylinder locks. The cylinder will help facilitate faster changeover times of large tools, fixtures, molds and dies. Weighing in at 11 lb., each new Mega Cylinder will instantly locate and lock its mating 2-lb. knob in an accurate and repeatable home position with 25,000 lb. of static holding force. Like its smaller siblings, the cylinder is engineered for long life with a corrosion-resistant finish and an operational temperature range of -65 to 450 F. The high-strength-steel knobs will withstand high sheer loads, accelerating the changeovers of large and/or inverted and vertically positioned dies.

Tooling Technology: 937/295-3672; www.segen-online.com


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