A New Metalforming Solution

When we visited, the plant was busy preparing for the first of the new work slated for the Stamtec press—six progressive dies comprising 12 part numbers for a customer in the commercial air-conditioning industry. That job, slated to kick off later this summer, will run on second shift, saving valuable first-shift press time for more complex transfer jobs.

Long-term, Wright expects Genesee’s new showcase press line to tackle several large projects on a regular basis —contracts he’s finalizing now. In the meantime, he’ll continue to fill press time with short-term takeover work.

“The goal is to expand our capabilities, and then become more selective about the type of work we bring in,” he shares. “That’s made possible with the bigger-bed press, and complements our additional investments made in value-added welding capabilities. We can stamp big and small parts, and then assemble them for our customers.”

In the end, Wright expects a 5- to 7-yr. payback on the new press line, based largely on how well the firm attracts a new customer base.

“If we get to 30-percent nonautomotive,” says Wright, “our owners will be ecstatic.” MF

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