StampSource Adds Press Capacity

April 1, 2016

StampSource, Charlotte, NC, recently purchased three mechanical presses, an investment expected to increase revenue by at least 30 percent at the 66-year-old manufacturer.

The Danly, Niagara and Seyi presses include a large-bed 275-ton model, a 400-ton press with heavy-duty feed line and a 500-ton press, and allow the company to produce heavier-gauge-steel stampings that require higher tonnage forces.

“Having these presses gives us capacity that most stamping businesses don’t have,” says Stephen Taggart, StampSource general manager and vice president of sales. “We can manufacture thicker, wider materials with larger dies, so we are more versatile now.”

The presses currently produce bottoms and covers for transformers and beam protectors. These parts are manufactured for Power Partners, StampSource’s parent company.

“While our presses are in use, we still have plenty of room to manufacture additional difficult stamped parts for other companies,” says Taggart.

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