Centering Unit for Mold Inserts and Machinery Connections

October 1, 2018

mold inserts, ball guides and roller guides, cutting tools, Agathon Machine Tools
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Agathon Machine Tools is introducing the 7980/1 Mini Fine Centering unit for backlash-free centering of mold inserts for standard molds in injection molding, or for high-precision connections in the construction of machinery.

The unit allows for positioning accuracy of less than 1 micron, providing for the ability to use a precise bushing-free assembly by avoiding errors in the concentricity of the guide bushing.

The company also will exhibit ball guides and roller guides for high-performance injection molds as well as for hybrid and cutting tools. Bearing guidance systems can eliminate the need to use a fine-centering device, or any additional fine-centering systems. In addition to the array of products offered in the company’s standard catalog, special parts can be manufactured to customer specifications.


Industry-Related Terms: Concentricity
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Technologies: Stamping Presses


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