Hydraulic and Servo-Electric Presses for Forming and Assembly

July 21, 2021

Beckwood Press Co.

Booth D46747

Beckwood-hydraulic-servoelectric-pressesBeckwood, a manufacturer of standard and custom hydraulic and servo-electric presses and automation equipment, will provide live demonstrations from two of its cutting-edge forming technologies.  The first machine, a 2-ton EVOx servo-electric press, is ideal for light-duty forming and assembly applications that require precision, cleanliness and efficiency. Booth visitors will learn about the press’s three modes of operation and watch it reach positional accuracy to within +/-0.0005 in. with every cycle. 

The second machine, a Triform model 16-5 fluid-cell sheet-hydroforming press, is ideal for low-volume, high-mix part production often seen in the aerospace industry. It uses a pressurized rubber diaphragm to easily form complex net-shaped parts over a single, unmated tool. The 16-in.-round forming area accommodates an array of part sizes and even can form multiple parts in a single cycle.

Both presses feature intuitive controls, recipe handling and data acquisition for strict part traceability. Connectivity features on these machines allow for use of Internet of Things functionality to optimize uptime and predictability.

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