DMG Mori Selects Sigma Labs as Official Suppler of In-Process Quality-Assurance-Monitoring Systems

September 27, 2021

DMG Mori has selected Sigma Labs, Inc. as the official supplier of in-process quality-assurance monitoring systems for the DMG Mori Qualified Products program. The partnership means that DMG Mori will bundle Sigma Labs’ PrintRite3D with its Lasertec 12 SLM, Lasertec 30 SLM and Lasertec 30 Dual SLM 3D line of metal printers. 

The Sigma Labs official-supplier designation follows a prior announcement where DMG Mori selected Sigma Labs as the preferred melt-pool-monitoring system for its Lasertec SLM machines. DMG Mori will build all Lasertec SLM machines as PrintRite3D-ready and offer the integrated solution as a factory option. 

“We already have started working with our partner Sigma Labs on new and innovative functionalities,” says Dr. Vino Suntharakumaran, managing director of DMG Mori Additive GmbH. 

Adds Friedmann Lell, also DMG Mori Additive GmbH managing director: “We expect high customer interest in this melt-pool-monitoring system, as it offers a great possibility to deeply monitor the process quality by the customer.”


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