IIoT Software Solution for Every Shop, Providing Total Shop Floor Control and Production Visibility

October 23, 2020

amada-influent-iiotDesigned by manufacturing engineers, Influent provides shop floor visibility like never before. By integrating everything in a manufacturing environment, the barrier between the office and the shop is eliminated, giving management clear, real-time visibility. Serving as an intelligence hub, Influent empowers highly informed decision making by connecting and collecting data from the entire organization. With Influent, all decision making can be made with greater certainty than ever before by providing current and factual data to identify inefficiencies and enable continuous improvement.

Since Influent monitors and records every aspect of the shop, validating a new improvement decision is automatic. In addition, management can quickly and efficiently verify effectiveness—eliminating guesswork in improvement validation.

Influent can improve production, quality, and profitability in any shop.

Real-time data is automatically collected to track machine runtimes, setups, alarms and job history. Influent can connect to just about everything on the shop floor, including any brand of machine and any ERP/MRP system.


amada-influent-iiot-dashboardYou can determine a lot about the things you have by measuring them, but some measurements may not translate well across different machines or alternative processes. Influent’s IIoT framework universalizes data from different sources by normalizing your collected data, allowing you to easily compare different machines, processes and costs. 


With Influent, many 3rd-party analytic tools can be incorporated into your solution, as well as the advanced sheet metal specific analytical tools that Amada provides. You can even use a custom formula or KPI that may apply specifically to your industry.


Influent makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies by using informative dashboards, relevant reporting and real-time data. Historical data shows your improvement progress over time.

Enterprise Class Platform Designed for Manufacturing

Amada’s Influent system enables all production-related things in the shop to transform into a cyber-physical system, or Internet of Things. 

Leveraging open standards whenever possible, Influent’s robust data -acquisition capabilities include mon-Amada machines and machining centers. Amada’s IIoT Certified Things are pre-certified products and services guaranteed to work well within the Influent ecosystem. 

Designed from the ground up using the latest microservice architecture, Influent Enterprise delivers hyper-reliable performance suited for mission-critical deployment. Architected to provide the highest level of security, scalability and extensibility, Influent Enterprise is the ultimate Industrial IoT deployment platform for manufacturing businesses.

Influent Professional enables universal connectivity to all machines and devices, providing full shop data connectivity coverage. Amada Professional Service provides ERP/MRP integration and functional customization to your specific requirements. Professional Service provides an unparalleled level of customization to tackle any challenges.

Monitor—provides a seamless transition to a more robust IoT implementation. Influent is designed to expand with your company. From simple to enterprise-wide implementation, Influent is intended to be highly scalable.

Enterprise—is designed to integrate with the client’s existing IT investment through robust customization. Unique requirements or processes can be implemented your way with Influent’s customization.

Company Info 

Amada America, Inc.

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