Virtual Tryout Tool for Die-Face Design

December 1, 2010

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA), Troy, MI, introduces its INC Solver, an explicit finite-element-analysis (FEA) solver designed for sheetmetal-forming simulations. A virtual tryout tool for die-face design, it expands the usability of ETA’s latest edition of Dynaform Die Face Engineering (DFE) module, version 5.7.3, released in March 2010. Using the latest Intel multiple-core computing platform, it’s compatible with Microsoft Windows using a Shared Memory Processing (SMP) scheme and multiple-core CPUs. For die-face design tryout, the solver offers capabilities for simulating gravity-loading, binder-wrap, crash-form, single-action and double-action draw die, as well as springback prediction and lancing operations. 


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