SolidWorks-Based 3D Die-Design Software

December 1, 2009

Solidworks-based 3D die-design software

Logopress Corp., Besancon, France, along with its North American distributor and technical center Accurate Die Design Inc., New Berlin, WI, has unveiled the 2010 version of its Logopress3 tool-design software. The new version includes Logopress3 Blank for FEA (finite-element analysis) and flat-blank prediction, including animation of the forming process.

The multi-user environment in Logopress3 2010 has been enhanced to better facilitate multiple die designers working concurrently on the same tool design. Also, an often-requested enhancement from users now has been implemented so that when using the Round Draw module, the user can enter individual reduction percentages in each stage of the draw process.

Accurate Die Design: 262/938-9316;

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