New Software Version for Stamping Simulation of Sheet Metal Components

April 26, 2021

Forming Technologies-FormingSuiteForming Technologies, a division of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Canada Ltd., has made FormingSuite 2021 available for download. This release offers several new features and enhancements, including 3D Addendum Generation, which provides a rapid and simple approach to first-form geometry creation that enables improved accuracy in cost estimation of drawn components, precise details for process planning and improved feasibility evaluations. Another feature, Trim Line Development, evaluates trim conditions and unfolds flanges, hems and extrusions onto the 3D addendum geometry. This reportedly allows for improved blank-development accuracy, and determines, for each point on the trim curve, the possibility of trimming in a given direction. Another enhanced feature, Binder Generation, creates, positions and morphs binder geometry, which enables improved feasibility evaluations and provides a pre-requisite for 3D addendum generation.

And, speed-of-use enhancements in FormingSuite 2021 tackle symmetry for cut scrap, scrap merging and pilot-hole creation.

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