Logopress ProgSim Allows Designers to Perform Simulations Inside of Solidworks

June 1, 2021

Logopress-ProgSim-die-design-simulation-softwareAccurate Die Design Software, Inc., Brookfield, WI, the North American master distributor and technical center for Logopress software, has launched Logopress ProgSim, a new software product that allows progressive-die designers working in Solidworks to simulate, modify and validate their strip layouts. Using the software, designers can gain deep insight into the forming process and take corrective measures to prevent costly prototyping and reduce time spent in tryout.

Logopress ProgSim, developed using incremental simulation technology powered by the AutoForm solver, is customized for small to medium-sized progressive die companies seeking to attain highly accurate results in stamping simulation but that cannot justify the cost of an incremental simulation software that does not have a size limitation on the parts it can simulate. Designers can simulate drawing, flanging, and forming operations, as well as springback; predict force; and can quickly identify problem areas such as wrinkles, splits or excessive thinning.  In effect, Logopress ProgSim acts as a virtual tryout press for forming and enables die designers to validate a process quickly and accurately even before the actual die design process has begun. 

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