Jetcam Releases Feature-Rich Version 1.04

July 1, 2013

Jetcam International has released version 1.04 of its Jetcam Orders Controller (JOC) Premium II, with features aimed at profiling and punching users to make the software an ideal companion to an existing Jetcam Expert CADCAM system. Core functionality: a remote ordering system that allows production staff to queue CAD files for automatic component-geometry entry and tooling, and to also build unlimited worksheets of either components or complex assemblies to be sent to Jetcam Expert for automatic nesting.

Other new features added to the release include Parametrics Support—users of Jetcam Expert’s interactive and automatic parametric programming modules gain a built-in editor within JOC Premium II. In addition to being able to create and edit standard parametric programs, an automatic parametric ‘.do’ file generator enables users to use Jetcam’s parametric programming to quickly create a whole family of component files from basic parameters.

Also new: Nest costing, providing the ability to quickly obtain costing for sheetmetal components by combining several key features to quickly import CAD files, create tooled component files using Jetcam Expert’s Single Component Automatic Processing facility and immediately build nests with resulting detailed part costing. Users can look at the cost of the part on each single nest or parts averaged across multiple nests, taking potential remnants, scrap, machine and operator costs into account. The information also can be exported for analysis or imported into legacy data systems.

Last but not least, CNC punch users now can identify where tools are used, either on selected components or previously generated nests. JOC Premium II not only allows fabricators to identify which parts or nests contain one or more tools, but also shows a nest tool graph detailing the number of nests that each tool is used on. A slider and zoom controls allows the user to quickly focus on the higher or lower numbers, and data can quickly be exported for further analysis or imported into legacy data systems.

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