AutoForm Tapped by VW for Tool Design

April 1, 2017

Volkswagen has selected AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCatia as its software of choice in its tooling operations for process design. The software was developed in a joint project between AutoForm and Volkswagen, with a main goal of creating an advanced software product for process design that would enable users to rapidly create CAD-quality die faces, which are required for CNC machining.

Through dedicated surfacing commands, AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCatia enables the user to quickly create a die face layout, including deep drawing and all secondary operations in the Catia environment. All generated surfaces fulfill Class-A surface requirements and immediately can be used for CNC machining. The software offers specially developed unique features, allows for the creation of draw shapes, supports company-wide standardization and implements a sophisticated methodology that reduces the complexity of process design, according to AutoForm officials.

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