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Fanuc Software Uses AI, Machine Learning to Monitor Drive Systems

July 26, 2022

Fanuc-AI-Servo-MonitorFanuc has introduced a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) software, AI Servo Monitor, designed to prevent production problems before they occur. The software employs artificial intelligence (AI) to predict possible failures of the drive systems for Fanuc servomotors and spindle motors. 

AI Servo Monitor, in conjunction with Fanuc’s MT-Linki machine-tool-monitoring software and through machine learning, analyzes the daily performance of machines equipped with Fanuc CNCs. Daily data are displayed in intuitive graphs, allowing users to monitor abnormalities on these machines. AI automatically creates a baseline model of the machine while running in a normal state. An ‘anomaly score’ expresses a difference in the baseline model and the daily recorded values. On a web interface, users can see the anomaly scores in a graph. Plus, email notifications can be issued if this value exceeds the predefined thresholds.

“The power of IIOT software is that it detects a failure before it happens, not after,” says Jon Heddleson, general manager of factory automation for Fanuc America. “Predictive maintenance is key in preventing unexpected downtime. AI Servo Monitor helps ensure that production keeps running smoothly.”  

MT-Linki connects shop floor equipment, including machine tools, robots and PLCs. It monitors, collects and presents data in color-coded graphical representations of the factory floor to provide more information about manufacturing processes as well as historical data. Non-Fanuc CNCs, PLCs and various sensors can be connected using MTConnect or OPC-UA protocol.

Information presented via MT-Linki enables data-driven business decisions to optimize operations through enhanced maintenance capabilities such as scheduling memory backups; presenting alarm/operator history; and monitoring the status of memory backup batteries, cooling fans, motor temperatures, etc. 

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