Solar Atmospheres Adds Inhouse Metallographic Testing

March 12, 2020

solar atmospheres metallographic testing zeiss Solar Atmospheres of Western PA (SAWPA), Hermitage, PA, has introduced inhouse metallographic testing, thanks to the purchase of a Zeiss AxioVert A1 inverted materials microscope, with an accompanying Axiocam digital camera and Zen Core materials-analysis software. The system allows for reflected bright-field, dark-field, polarized and circular contrasting techniques, along with a 50x to 1000x magnification range. The digital camera and materials-analysis software provides automated determination of material grain size, traditionally time-consuming and labor-intensive processes, to optimize repeatability and efficiency.

The new testing setup will allow SAWPA to perform surface-contamination, grain-size, and intergranular attack/intergranular oxidation determinations inhouse, providing customers with expedited lead times and a single-source vendor capable of meeting all heattreat and testing needs;

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