Real-Time Tracking Software Guides Assembly Tasks, Helps Ensure Quality

June 1, 2021

Virtek, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, has introduced Iris ActiveTrack laser positioning software that continuously projects stable, accurate laser lines onto moving parts to guide workers in a variety of manufacturing processes, including assembly. Even complex, 3D shapes are projected with precision, helping to ensure product quality.

“Iris ActiveTrack enables technicians to position the right part, in the right place, at the right time, even while the part is in motion,” explains Sean Francoz, Virtek group product manager. “This technology will help customers reduce costs by eliminating time spent reviewing paperwork, measuring, marking, and using templates during assembly processes. The largest gains come from the elimination of rework caused by quality escapes.”

Along with the launch of Iris ActiveTrack, Virtek also released the newest edition of its Iris 3D software with an enhanced Application Programming Interface (API), including a production reporting database. Accessed through the API, the production reporting tools provide instant remote access to current production status for any system on the floor. It also enables retrieval of detailed production data from any point in the system’s history. This can be used to help production managers analyze performance on the macro (entire process) or micro (workcell or individual task) level.

Iris 3D’s enhanced API also includes a powerful toolset that allows users to employ Virtek’s vision positioning system to locate a targeted tool or component anywhere in the system’s field of view and report the position of the tool relative to the projector. This functionality informs operators of the system’s status and where it is in the overall workflow, and provides digital data of tasks being performed.

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