Prima Power Laserdyne Donates High-Resolution Metallurgical Microscope to Anoka Technical College

June 8, 2021

Prima Power Laserdyne, Brooklyn Park, MN, has donated a Zeiss high-resolution microscope to the welding-program leaders of Anoka (MN) Technical College as the college expands its robotic and laser welding program. Initiated in the fall semester 2020, the program is designed for students with a basic welding background who want to advance their career. Using the microscope, with a wide zoom range and high resolution, will enable instructors to enhance the welding skills and understanding of the laser welding process at the metallurgical level. The ability to analyze welds is key to understanding and correcting porosity, cracking and other adverse effects that can occur in the weld and heat-effected zone. The microscope enables students to closely examine internal cross sections of welds for potential problems and thereby correct the welding process.

As explained by welding instructor Jay Gerdin, industry is finding it difficult to get experienced welders with both welding skill and an understanding of the metallurgical process which occurs during welding. It is one of the drivers behind the college’s expanded robotic and laser welding program.

Chris Rasmussen, applications engineering manager for Prima Power Laserdyne, adds,” Having technicians and operators knowledgeable in laser welding is critically important for U.S. manufacturing. Being able to share our 40+ years of laser processing and laser welding with Anoka Technical College laser welding program is a benefit to the student who graduates with the fundamentals in laser welding and to the manufacturer who hires the student.”

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