New AI Software Provides Automated Vision Inspection

June 11, 2020

Neurala-VIANew VIA (Vision Inspection Automation) software from Neurala enables manufacturers not having worked with artificial intelligence (AI) previously to train and use vision AI to identify defects in parts, products or packaging on the production line. The software is designed to help manufacturers improve production-line quality inspection while scaling to meet part and product demands.

With the ability to run directly on existing hardware on the factory floor, VIA makes AI accessible to industrial-automation users who prefer not to rely on internet access or cloud connectivity. As a result, manufacturers can keep their data on the factory site, without concerns about privacy or lag time that typically are associated with cloud deployments.

“Historically, AI has been too expensive or complex to deploy at scale in a manufacturing environment,” explains Neurala co-founder and CEO Max Versace. “As the world approaches a new normal, manufacturers are facing irregular patterns in customer demands, and heightened pressures on machine utilization, production efficiencies and quality control―and they need to address all of this with fewer people on the factory floor. Vision AI will be key in enabling manufacturers to answer the call of demand, increasing productivity and maintaining their competitive advantages as requirements continue to shift.”

VIA provides a rapid return on investment, according to Neurala officials, who note that with less data required and faster training, VIA automates previously nonviable quality-inspection processes. This improves inspection rates, enabling early defect detection; decreases human intervention―key given current employee-distancing requirements; and allows smaller-batch inspection.

The software, compatible with any GigE camera and mid-range industrial PC, provides users with the ability to train and run multiple AI models, and thus Identifies any product that deviates from ‘acceptable’ images without the need to collect images of defective parts.

“Today’s climate presents a clear need for an integrated solution that allows manufacturers to quickly adapt to changing markets within the constraints of their environment,” Versace says. “VIA will meet that need, while giving manufacturers a flexible solution that will allow them to continuously adapt―whether that’s introducing new parts into production, or adapting to irregular patterns in customer demand that will arise in the new normal.”

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