Servo Transfer Systems

March 1, 2008

Servo Transfer systems

ne Trail Technologies, Fort Loramie, OH, features a product line that includes standardized two-and three-axis servo-operated transfers—including traditional through-the-window designs—as well as flexible front-and-back-mounted systems. 

All of the company’s servo transfers can be arranged for a variety of operational modes, including two-out/two-lane dies, multi-directional race-track mode and offset passline. Standard passive or fully customized active tooling can be supplied for in-die part orientation, part turnover or half-pitch moves. The company also provides robotics, welding and fixturing systems, laser-welding and -cutting systems, tube-bending and -fabricating systems, hydroforming and structural-frame automation systems, and build-to-print manufacturing services.


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Technologies: Pressroom Automation


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