Press-to-Press Robotic Transfer

October 1, 2018

Oriimec Corp. of America
Booth A1715

Oriimec will show its RHQ press-to-press robotic-transfer technology. The press-automation robot utilizes two-axis, servo-driven technology to improve speed and accuracy, and, unlike older robotic transfers that required press stoppage in order to move into and out of the press, it synchronizes with the stamping machine’s crank motion to optimize movements.

The company’s press-to-press robots, besides an initial investment cost reportedly lower than that for dedicated transfer systems, enable manufacturers to change stamping-machinery layout without having to modify facilities and foundations. And, they work with gap-frame or straightside presses and can be teamed with a range of periphery equipment to construct flexible, efficient lines.

Industry-Related Terms: Periphery, Transfer
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Technologies: Pressroom Automation


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