Destaco Debuts Press-Line Simulation Software

March 29, 2023

detaco-simple-press-simulation-softwareNew Simple software for crossbar and tri-axis press-line simulation from Destaco, running with Catia, allows engineers to generate a press template, insert dies and automation equipment, and add motion curves to create a dynamic model of the stamping process. Use it to identify bottlenecks in the process at an early stage, and to optimize press stroke rate to maximize productivity. Should issues arise during simulation, the software generates a corrective action report—ideally done at the design stage to avoid expensive changes later on.

Simple software can work with a combination of press types, from older mechanical-transfer presses to the latest servo presses.  The press-line template is built into the software and can be custom-configured using Destaco’s 3D smart components that allow for simplified design and account for all dynamic components including regenerative gas springs, rotation units, sliders and electric or pneumatic idle stations. 

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