Seyi Partners with ABB for Automated Press Systems

May 1, 2017

Stamping-press builder Seyi Machinery has announced that it is partnering with robotics supplier ABB to provide robotic press cells and lines. The two are working strategically to offer automated production solutions and apply Seyi’s Intelligent Stamping Line Control System.

“Through the years, ABB has been an important partner for Seyi in developing automation systems,” says Claire Kuo, Seyi chair and CEO. “With the increasing customer requirements for automation, we have solid faith that win-win outcomes can be expected based on the cooperation between ABB and our company.”

A demonstration cell has been set up at Seyi’s headquarters in Taoyuan, Taiwan, that shows Seyi’s most advanced servo press, the SDG2-400 straight-side crank-servo press, paired with ABB’s six-axis IRB6700 robot with a seventh linear axis, and its SD1-200 solid-frame crank-servo press paired with ABB’s six-axis IRB4600 robot.

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