Press Loader/Unloader Has Advantages of Linear and Articulated Robots

November 1, 2008

Strothmann, with a U.S. sales
Press Loader/Unloader
office in Marietta, GA, has introduced a six-axis linear robot feeder, the Feederplus, for loading and unloading press lines. The handling system extends the standard motion of a press feeder through additional linear and rotary axes, allowing the linear robot to perform rotary motions in the b axis—the orienting axis of the rotating arm. This allows the Feederplus to combine the advantages of linear and articulated robots, requiring no additional orienting or idle station.

Feederplus, which includes a programmable controls system, supports press-center intervals of at least 6000 mm with payload capacities of 125 kg (part and tooling). Repeatability is ±0.25 mm with velocities of 5 m/sec and accelerations to 13 m/sq. sec.

Strothmann: 770/424-4141;

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