Oqton Teams with Valk Welding for Automatic Robotic Arc Welding Programming

February 7, 2023

oqton-valk-robotic weldingOqton, an automation-software provider, and Valk Welding, provider of flexible arc welding robots, announced a partnership where Oqton’s software will become part of Valk Welding’s Automatic Robotic Programming (ARP) solution for high-mix, low-volume production. The Valk Welding ARP powered by Oqton reportedly enables 10-times faster programming than traditional offline programming solutions while allowing automated robotic welding that is three times faster than manual welding at a cost to four times lower than using manual labor. The new techniques and processes that the companies will develop jointly are intended to enhance the utilization of automated robotic welding for unique or small batch production that previously was only economically viable using manual methods, according to officials from both companies.

Valk Welding ARP powered by Oqton autonomously generates robotic welding programs directly from 3D CAD files, reducing the need for programming, and relies on artificial intelligence to learn from an operator’s best practices to refine processes for future parts. As a result, welders can use the software without previous knowledge of robots or 3D geometry. It reportedly provides an ideal solution for high-mix, low-volume robotic welding for steel fabrication subcontractors manufacturing lifting platforms, transport pallets, fencing and automotive subframes. 

“Our market lead in 100-percent offline programmable welding robots is ready to make the jump to the next level,” says Peter Pittomvils, chief commercial officer for Valk Welding Group. “Besides our own projects, we also support Oqton to all other Panasonic system integrators to also serve their customers with this solution and our experience.”

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