Ease Handling of Heavy, Packaged Sheetmetal Blanks

February 1, 2012

Depalletizing of heavy packages of sheetmetal blanks using a forklift or overhead crane can prove tortuous and bind resources. For quick and efficient handling of packaged blanks, Kemper Storatec, Vreden, Germany, has developed a depalletizing machine that features a turnover device that employs rotary motion to allow easy package handling. The machine is available with loading equipment for a pallet system, or for interfacing to existing warehouse-management systems.

The depalletizing machine allows automatic palletizing of laminated cores to 3000 by 1500 mm. Maximum payload is 3 tons, and can be increased by customer request.

The operating sequence follows a fully or semiautomatic process. In a hydraulically operated machine, the laminated cores are fixed and rotated 180 deg. Then the wood packaging can be easily removed. At the end of the 2-min. depalletizing process, the lamination lies aligned to the reference edge of the system pallet. It then automatically transports to the storage system on a material transport vehicle.

To ensure the safety of employees and materials, the operations are continuously monitored with an extensive network of sensors.

Kemper Storatec: www.kemper-storatec.eu
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Technologies: Materials, Pressroom Automation


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