Safety Gains in Four-Slide Technology

December 27, 2019

Manufacturing-safety studies show that a safe work environment can boost productivity levels by as much as 83 percent. Department of Labor statistics show that on an annual basis, six out of 100 metal fabrication workers report injuries related to equipment usage.

One culprit: mechanical four-slide machines composed largely of rotating shafts, each of which potentially dangerous due to the possibility of clothing being grabbed, or unintended pinching or crushing contact with skin, arms or hands—any of these occurrences can lead to severe injuries.

Bihler 4 Slide-NC, Inc., a joint venture of Bihler of America, Inc. and Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik, Germany, offers servo automation technology that eliminates the need for rotating shafts, which greatly reduces the risk of hazardous injuries. The machine also has a safety enclosure with door interlock switches, along with gate devices to safeguard the operator, and a video library that provides accessible training material.

The machine’s ergonomic design, with its programmable cam profile and instantaneous change, eliminates the need for a manual cam change. In addition, its automated and enhanced capabilities eliminate the constant need for ongoing process adjustment to facilitate manufacturing processes.


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