Six New Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Alloys

April 28, 2020

Xtalic Corp., Marlborough, MA, a provider of nano-scale metal alloys and coatings, has received two new patents covering a suite of new aluminum alloys from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patents, US10590514 and US10590558, cover alloys and manufacturing methods for Al-Zr, Al-Cr, Al-Ni, Al-Co, Al-Hf and Al-Mg, and their anodized versions. The six new alloys provide corrosion resistance, add lightweighting properties, and improve the hardness, wear and durability of critical components. Applications include military (interconnect housings and other electronics), semiconductor and electronics (energy storage and other components).

The new alloys prove ideal for anodizing aluminum, for corrosion resistance in applications where cosmetic or aesthetic appearances are essential. For applications requiring color matching, the new alloy coatings will not change the original color of the aluminum. For military and other applications, they enable users to engineer material’s surface reflectivity. The new alloys also deliver critical lightweighting advantages when providing corrosion protection for magnesium components.

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